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January, 2019

Glenda filmed a starring role as the Nurse in the new web ad for Checkpoint!

November 2018

Glenda books a recurring guest star role in a new media webseries. Title TBA, to be filmed in 2019. Stay tuned!

October 2018

Glenda books a supporting role on the feature film, 'Yucca Valley'. Filming in March, 2019.

October 2018

Glenda stars in a National Broadcast commercial for Little Caesar's Pizza!

September 2018

Glenda plays multiple roles in the Radio Podcast Drama, 'The Veil'. Director Matt Fowler, Voxx Studios. Created by Matt Fowler. The Veil...

September 2018

Glenda films as guest star in the new Snapchat murder mystery series, SOLVE.

July 2018

Glenda RETURNS to 'Buzz'd Out' to reclaim her standing in 'Loser's Redemption'.

July 2018

Glenda films a guest star role on the new uber-woke webseries, 'She's Too Fat'. It's tough out there for fat chicks. Officer Morgan...

May 2018

Glenda films a recurring guest star role as Eileen in the new web series, 'At Your Service'. To be released in 2019. Eileen has been...

February 2018

Glenda gets to play on the fabulous new game show, Buzz'd Out! It takes skill, knowledge and nerve to win on Buzz'd Out. Does Glenda have...

January 2018

Glenda films a lead supporting role in the new media sci-fi webseries, 'The Adventures of the West Brothers'. To be released in 2019....

December 2017

Glenda films a guest star role in the new media webseries, 'Pregnant'. When it comes to pregnancy, everyone is an expert. Director Jon...

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